eTail Deutschland 2020

09 - 11 March, 2020

The InterContinental Berlin

+44 (0) 207 368 9573

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Interview with Martin Tschopp, Vice President, eBay Germany

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Martin Tschopp, Vice President of eBay Germany, spoke at eTail on the growth of mobile technology and the future of online and offline commerce.

He discusses how the first retail evolution through the internet was at the end of the 90's when ecommerce became mainstream, but we are now entering the second revolution within the online trading world. The key to success, he says, is the seamless marriage between online and offline retail, whereby all channels are integrated.

Otto Group

Interview with Thilo Bendler, Otto Group

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While it may not be a familiar name, multi-brand company Otto Group is the second-biggest distance-selling company worldwide, currently worth in excess of €11bn. In terms of sales Otto Group are second only to Amazon, yet 50% of their business is done in Germany. Over the past 60 years they have established over 120 companies and brands in Europe, the United States and in Asia, focusing mostly on companies that are within the e-commerce and the paper sector, but also some tri-channel companies with actual retail activity.

Thilo discusses the biggest opportunity, but also the biggest challenge for Otto Group, conquering ecommerce coming from an entirely mail-order orientated background.


Interview with Ulfilas Jorns Schroeder, Scanbull

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Interview with Ulfilas Jorns Schroeder from Scanbull, the producers of the fastest 3D scanning systems in the world. Their systems are aimed at improving the customer experinece within the third dimension, the key to virtuality of the product. They aim to help your company present products both on and offline in the best way possible and how to work efficiently to create content end-to-end.

Rich Relevance

Interview with Fabrice Etienne, Rich Relevance

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Fabrice Etienne, International Marketing Manager at RichRelevance, speaks about how BeSpoke omni-channel platforms can boost your ROI. Discover why omni-channel distribution is vital, and how Rich Relevance can help your company to personalise your customer experience across all online platforms.


Interview with Robin Phillips, Waitrose Direktor E-Commerce

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In an interview with Robin Phillips, Director of E-Commerce at Waitrose, he explains what their short and long term goals are, including overcoming challenges as an omni-channel retailer. He also discusses the ways in which Waitrose can achieve this, such as investing into the right technology and implementing the right programmes of change.


Interview with Bill Loller Vice President of Digital Mobile, Tealeaf

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Exclusive interview with Bill Loller, Vice President of digital/mobile at Tealeaf (an IBM company). He speaks about how challenges your company faces online can be addressed and solved to increase conversion rates and decrease abandonment.

Find out why the "mobile first" strategy of web design will evolve into "mobile only" in the coming year and how this will effect your web team.


Interview with Rory Murphy, Content & Digital Media Director, Equinix

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Equinix, a global data centre and interconnection platform, speaks about the careful location of your online platforms to grow and increase performance across multiple channels.