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Unprecedented growth in eCommerce has led to an explosion of competition over online revenue in international markets.

Successfully expanding your eCommerce presence requires considerable technical skill, market knowledge, analytics as well as supply chain expertise, not all companies have these skills in abundance in-house.

To get to the bottom of the trends shaping international eCommerce expansion, arvato Consumer Products conducted a survey of Heads of eCommerce across four European market sectors: Beauty, Luxury, Fashion and FMCG, in partnership with WBR Digital.

Headline Findings:

  • Outsourcing trend: 50% to 52% of Luxury and Fashion businesses surveyed operate elements of their eCommerce business with outsourced services, contrasted with only 38% of the FCMG industry.
  • Most outsourced service: Online Shop develoment & operations  and online marketing were consistently named as the aspect of eCommerce most likely to be outsourced.
  • Luxury abroad: Nearly 25% of respondents in the luxury industry named China and the USA as key areas for growth in eCommerce sales in the next four years.
  • Omni-channel operation: Europe is the region in which businesses are most likely to look for support of both B2C and multi-channel eCommerce.

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